SAKURA – Hand wash

1 lít
5 lít


(Hand Wash as normal rule)

* Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate helps clean and sterilize in safe manner
* Suitable for hand skin without skin irritation.
* Easy to use.
* Prevent dermatophyte, bacteria and virus.

Antiseptic effect

Sakura has effect of cleaning, washing and eliminating pathogentic bacteria in palm. Product has comfortable and neutralized flavor, in addition; it does not harm to skin if we use many times per day, and it is always used for cleaning palm at medical care centers and families.


Products are used to wash hand as normal rule in medical care centers and living activities

Instruction for use

Product can be used directly without diluting with any other chemicals or solution. Using about 2-3 ml on the palm and rubbing two hands together, space between fingers and nail; use specialized brush to wash the hand carefully, re-wash with water and dry


Safe sterilized chemicals, skin nourishing agent, color agent, flavor, pure water 100%


- Product is pink (or colorless) with comfortable flavor after use
- Stable in physical and chemical properties in service life
- pH ( at 20 0C): 5,5 ( equal to physiological pH of skin)
- Density ( at 20 0 C): 1.04 kg/l
- Expire date: 24 months since the date of production.


- 1 liter bottle; Symbol: 60085
- 5 liter can; Symbol: 60108


Place in dry and cool place

Registration Number: 12211/08/CBMP-QLD