TH.A – Antiseptic solution hand rub

200 ml
500 ml
1 lít
5 lít

Quickly antiseptic for hand, safe, without water

Used for surgery, visiting, consulting and living activities…:

* Chlorhexidine Digluconate active element prolongs antiseptic effect

* Suitable for hand skin without skin irritation.

* Easy to use.

* Prevent dermatophyte, bacteria and virus.

Biocide Effect

No Type of contacting bacteria Amount of bacteria has yet contact with solution Amount of bacteria remaining after using solution (cfu/ml) 5 mins
1 Staphyloccous aureus 9.600 cfu/ml 0
2 Preudomonas aeruginossa 10.000 cfu/ml 0
3 Shigella 10.000 cfu/ml 0
4 Candida albicaus 3.700 cfu/ml 0
5 Bacilus Subtilis 4.400 cfu/ml 0
6 Mycobacterium tuberculosi + 0

TH.A solution could kill all kinds of bacteria perfectly after 5 minutes contacting with the solution.


Quick hand washing/disinfectant solution for surgeon, doctor, nurse, etc., in healthcare practice (during operation, patients examination) and in daily activities.


Use directly without dilution with other solutions or chemicals. Take 2-3 ml of solution, rub your hands thoroughly, on clean dry and nail grooves. No need to wash with water after that.

In case of too dirty, use 4-5 ml of solution, rub your hands and use tissue paper to clean the dirt. Then use another 2-3 ml to clean as usual.


Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Ethanol, Iso propyl alcohol, pleasant fragrance, emollient & moisturizer.


· Light pink color with pleasant fragrance after use.

· Stable physical and chemical characteristics during usage

· pH at 20oC: 5,5 (same as physical pH of skin)

· Density: 20oC: 0,78 kg/l

· Duration: 36 months since manufacturing date


-120 ml  bottle; Symbol: 60139
-200 ml  bottle; Symbol: 60078
- 200 ml  bottle; Symbol: 60054
- 1 liter bottle; Symbol: 60016
- 5 liter can; Symbol: 60030


Place in dry and cool place

Registration Number:  VNDP-HC-301-11-06